Saturday, September 22, 2007

The New iPods

I just realized that I never talked about the new iPods when they came out a couple weeks here I go.

The Redesigned iPod Nano:

I am not a fan of the new design. It looks fat. When I hear "iPod Nano" I think small, tiny, miniature, etc. While the actual size of the device is small, it still looks fat. Also, they added the ability to playback video on the Nano. I think that is really great, but would not want to use it myself. I get enough of a headache already trying to watch a video on a plane on my regular sized ipod! I want a portable 60 inch plasma for planes.

The Redesigned and Renamed iPod Classic:

I pretty much have the same problem with this looks fat. Not as fat as the Nano, but it could loose 10 pounds. I want sleek and streamlined and I wants it bad!

The All New iPod Touch:

I love it! It is the perfect iPod! It has the music, photos, video, full screen and now, internet! It has wifi capability! I would be buying it right now but there is one fault in it. It only goes up to 16gb of storage. My current one is 30gb. And I payed less for it than the 8gb iPod Touch costs. So unfortunately, I am waiting till a version with a lot more memory and lower price comes out. But I love this one!

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