Thursday, August 30, 2007

The Office

The season premier of The Office is less than a month away!!! At The Nut House, we can't wait! Here is a video that was just posted on youtube where all the characters talk about what they did over the summer.

If you have never seen The Office, go Netflix it or get it some other way. Now.

Yet Another Good Day

Apple had yet another good day at the stock market! It closed at $136.19 +2.11!! Meanwhile, Microsoft closed at $28.45 -0.14! And everyone needs to prepare themselves for September 5th when these is going to a huge press conference about the iPod from Apple. The rumor is that some big upgrades are coming which could include the long awaited full screen iPod. If there is a large upgrade, I will be putting my iPod up for sale at my Amazon store and whoever wants it can buy it.

Turtle in the Driveway

There was a turtle in the driveway this morning! We thought he was cool so we went out to take a closer look. When we go out Dave gets a stock and starts touching the head of the turtle with it. I said, "Dad! That turtle did nothing to you! Why are you doing that?!" By this time the turtle is completely hidden inside his shell out of fear. Dad says, "I wanted to see what it would do."...oy. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Joey Update #2

Joey was taken to the animal clinic this morning. He will be getting an x-ray today. According to Sue he walked off "very happy" with the nurses.

It does not make sense to me (John) why an x-ray takes all day. Sue will be picking him up later this afternoon. The rumors and rumblings around The Nut House are pointing to some lies from Sue. The rumor here is that there is no x-ray, but that Sue has taken Joey to the big backyard in the sky. Only time will tell. We shall see if she picks him up this afternoon.

Wednesday, August 29, 2007

The Results of Procrastination

I (John) procrastinate far too often. This is what comes out of it...

In this one, a very special guest joins me...

Apple Stock

Apple stock closed today at $134.02 +7.20. At The Nut House, we are extremely happy about this. Hoorah!

24 Update

So our next Netflix disc of 24 came and we just finished watching three amazing episodes! Any doubts I had about season four have been washed away. It is amazing. Everyone reading this needs to go to Netflix or whatever rental service you use and get 24 on dvd. It is the best thing since LOST...even though it came before LOST...but whatever. Btw, I should not have talked about LOST because it reminded me that I have to wait till February for the next season to start! BOOO, ABC! And if you have never seen LOST, go Netflix it or get it another way immediately.

Joey Update

We called the vet to tell him that Joey has not been making any progress with his arthritis and asked him if there is something more we should be doing for Joey's arthritis. He said that we should get an x-ray of his leg to see if Joey has something in the leg. He said that One time he had a dog that he treated for arthritis for many months who, like Joey, made no progress. The dog got an x-ray and they found out the dog had a sewing needle in his leg!! So early tomorrow morning Sue will be taking Joey to a animal clinic somewhere so Joey can get an x-ray. Lets hope that through this we can get a final definitive answer as to why Joey is making so progress. Of course, I will continue to give updates about Joey's health on this blog.

Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Sue Makes Her Youtube Debut!

I (John) had to conduct an interview with someone about the Vietnam War. I chose to do it with my mom (Sue). I video taped it and then put it on Youtube. Disclaimer: Sue looks slightly different in the video because it was filmed in wide screen but was put into standard so she got a little squished...

A Frog Outside the Window

There was a frog that stayed outside my (this is John btw) window all day long. He or she did not move a muscle literally all day from the time I woke up about 7:30 thanks to Billy Bob till about 10 pm when I went to bed. Click on the picture to enlarge it.


Here at The Nut House we love Netflix. It is an amazing service. They pride themselves on having a shipping time of one day. I love that! I hate it when they lie!

The last couple weeks have been full of lies and decent from Netflix. They have not been having shipping times of one day, two days, or even three days. On most of our discs it takes them between 4 and 6 days to ship from Houston to The Woodlands (roughly 30 miles). I can ship a package to someone in Illinois via the snail mail in that amount of time.

I understand that every so often these things happen and a disc may come a day or two late. But consistently more than 4 days late? It is atrocious!! I am going to be witting a spirited message to Netflix tonight to tell them what is going on. While I know it most likely will never be read, it gives me peace of mind.

Don't let this discourage anyone from getting Netflix! It is a wonderful company! I recommend it to everyone in the world. Except when it takes 6 days to ship me something. I could drive to the shipping center, get the disc myself, and get back home in about 1 hour and 45 minutes. rant is now done. more thing...It could turn out that this is The Woodlands post office fault because they are the worst post office in the world...oh, I mean post offices! There are two! And things are frequently late...I am splitting the blame between the two...

I need to find out what happens to Jack Bauer next! Netflix hurry up!!!

Backyard Renovation

We have begun renovating our back yard! As an anniversary gift to Sue and Dave, Grammy gave us pots and flowers to beautify our backyard! Here are some pictures. Click on a picture to enlarge it.

Ms. South Carolina...LOL

This is my new favorite video. Oh youtube, how I love thee.


We are currently obsessed with the tv show 24. It is enthralling, suspenseful, and just plain amazing. We started with season 2 on dvd (thank God for Netflix!). It was so amazing. We then, of course had to watch season 3 on dvd. During during both those seasons sometimes we would not have a disc from Netflix to watch so we would not be able to control ourselves and we would have to buy episodes from iTunes.

The season 3 finale ended with no cliffhanger. I was surprised but was sure that season 4 would be just as amazing. So the first disc of season 4 comes from Netflix and we are so excited! We start watching and it is a dud. It is so bad so far. We have only watched 5 episodes, but none of the them have left me (John) wanting more! I am very disappointed! Things better shape up soon! I do have faith in the creative team behind 24, but am starting to loose my patience. I will not be revealing any plot lines when I blog about the show, just in case anyone reading is also watching.

I am very disgruntled! I will continue to blog about the show and let all of you know if it gets any better.

For those of you who have not seen the show. Get in the car right now (or go to Netflix) and get it on dvd. It is so amazing. Except for the fourth season, so far. And now I am just rambling. Ok, bye.


Joey is a little crazy right now. He is crying constantly and it is driving us (especially me, John) crazy! At first we were very sympathetic towards him because we assumed he was in pain because of his bad leg and his arthritis and all that. We were wrong. While part of his crying I am sure is due to that, most of it is not. I am starting to think he is crying just to make us crazy (and to get treats). A lot of the time, a solution for the crying will be to let him go outside. Once he goes outside he comes straight back to the door and expects a treat, or else he will not come inside. Also, if I give him a treat when he is crying, he stops crying. It is crazy.

We are taking him to the vet just in case we are wrong and have been ignoring his pain. In which case I will shower him with treats and post a very long apology on here.

Sunday, August 26, 2007

The First Post

Hello, and welcome to The Nut House (aka the Watkins family blog). Consider this blog a reality show about our life...only in written form...

We were inspired to create our own blog after reading our sister blog Watkins Every Flavor Bean.

It will be updated very frequently with information about what is going on around the house and just daily life in general for Dave, Sue, John, Joey, Billy Bob, Lizzie, and Oats. We hope you enjoy a look into our home which I (John) have come to call The Nut House.