Tuesday, August 28, 2007


Joey is a little crazy right now. He is crying constantly and it is driving us (especially me, John) crazy! At first we were very sympathetic towards him because we assumed he was in pain because of his bad leg and his arthritis and all that. We were wrong. While part of his crying I am sure is due to that, most of it is not. I am starting to think he is crying just to make us crazy (and to get treats). A lot of the time, a solution for the crying will be to let him go outside. Once he goes outside he comes straight back to the door and expects a treat, or else he will not come inside. Also, if I give him a treat when he is crying, he stops crying. It is crazy.

We are taking him to the vet just in case we are wrong and have been ignoring his pain. In which case I will shower him with treats and post a very long apology on here.

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