Tuesday, August 28, 2007


We are currently obsessed with the tv show 24. It is enthralling, suspenseful, and just plain amazing. We started with season 2 on dvd (thank God for Netflix!). It was so amazing. We then, of course had to watch season 3 on dvd. During during both those seasons sometimes we would not have a disc from Netflix to watch so we would not be able to control ourselves and we would have to buy episodes from iTunes.

The season 3 finale ended with no cliffhanger. I was surprised but was sure that season 4 would be just as amazing. So the first disc of season 4 comes from Netflix and we are so excited! We start watching and it is a dud. It is so bad so far. We have only watched 5 episodes, but none of the them have left me (John) wanting more! I am very disappointed! Things better shape up soon! I do have faith in the creative team behind 24, but am starting to loose my patience. I will not be revealing any plot lines when I blog about the show, just in case anyone reading is also watching.

I am very disgruntled! I will continue to blog about the show and let all of you know if it gets any better.

For those of you who have not seen the show. Get in the car right now (or go to Netflix) and get it on dvd. It is so amazing. Except for the fourth season, so far. And now I am just rambling. Ok, bye.

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