Wednesday, September 5, 2007


So we finished the fourth season of 24 over the holiday weekend. We could not wait for our Netflix so we had to buy the end of the season on iTunes. Season four was, like all seasons of 24, amazing. We had season five next on our Netflix queue...but could not wait for the first disc to arrive. So we bought the first four episodes on iTunes. We are addicted. We need to go to 24 Addicts Anonymous. Anywhoo, season five is so far the most amazing yet. Seriously, everyone reading this right now go start watching 24. I cannot express just how amazing it is!

So after we have watched all the 24 there is on dvd to watch, what should we watch next? What should our new obsession be until LOST comes back in February? Please write a comment with a suggestion for The Nut House. It would be greatly appreciated!

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