Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Christmas Weather/Giant Tree Rant

I love Christmas for many reasons including the weather. I love the cold weather because it makes me not sweat (I have sweating issues). This year however, I am still sweating. No, my sweating issues have not gotten worse. The reason for the continued sweating is because it is spring time. Last night I literally drove with the windows down. It was 76!!!! AND I saw butterfly yesterday in out backyard! As much I love the spring weather, I want cold!

I am not the only one who is complaining though. We planted some bulbs in our backyard and in order for them to bloom in the spring they need cold weather to trigger their biological clock.

I am blaming all of this on the global warming.

Oh yeah, speaking of global warming. Did anyone else hear about how at a tree lighting ceremony in Seattle the mayor went on a rant about how the North Pole is melting and how Santa won't have a home? Yeah...that was a bad move. For such an environmentally concious city you would have thought that instead of depressing children and possibly educing nightmares they would have done like GE/NBC who put solar panels on the top of the GE building in Rockefeller Center which will power the enormous tree in Rockefeller Center. And oh yeah, the lights on the Rockefeller tree are super efficient and super eco friendly LED bulbs. So to NBC, GE, and Rockefeller Center I say, "YES! I LOVE THAT!" and to the mayor of Seattle, whoever let him give that speech, and whoever did not think to make the tree "green" I say, "BOOOOO!!!". Hopefully more giant Christmas trees will go green next year following the example set by NBC/GE.

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