Friday, November 2, 2007

We Are Boring

So this Halloween we here at The Nut House decided to be really boring and not do anything for it. No candy given nothing. We decided to turn off our porch lights and just watch TV. We have many Halloween decorations and have gotten many complements from the peeps who come to the door about how amazing our decorations/special effects are. ...we got lazy.

I did have a little Halloween excitement though! I wanted a hamburger from Beck's Prime for dinner so I went through the drive-thru because I try to limit direct contact with people to a minimum. Anyway, the air conditioner was on a little to high in the car and when that happens I tear...a lot. So by the time I got the window my eyes were all read and I had tears running down my face and the people inside Beck's must have thought to themselves, "Oh that poor kid! He has no friends to go out with on Halloween and is eating his feelings and is crying! Lets give him some candy to cheer him up!" That's right...the person at the window brought out a basket and asked me if I wanted some candy and so I toke one piece...she then said I could have I took another. Then she said to just take as much as I wanted and to grab a handful. So I did...and gave a face like "oh my gosh! Thank you so much! This means so much to me! I have no friends to go out with and have been crying my brains out and am now here to eat my feelings...but now that you have given me candy I feel much better!" So the bottom line of this whole thing is this: Always keep your air conditioning on a high never know when someone might mistake your over active tear ducts for actual emotion.

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